For those of you hoping for my WIP

Posted by Jetgoshi on November 2, 2012 at 2:55 AM

Bad news for you fans, appertain that I was working on them early and seem that half sonic fanboy and bronie always hope and not hope for my other wip. They keep asking me when they gonna release and I say that their no releases date till I announce it, but nobody did. Another reason a stolen screen shot from my Deviantart and send it to another site that brony thing someone beside me is making it for Mugen. I lost into My Little Pony that they didn't help me for keeping me Mugen. I'm not interested MLP anymore. So I canceled Jet the Hawk and Rainbow Dash. You can't keep me back working on them.

Another that my new Jetgoshi has been offline due that one jerk has problem with him and by using MvC template. Time to start over with the normal template with his own move. Might gonna releases or maybe not.

Serperior is hold that I could focus the sprite. As Konlin, not sure if I'm gonna canceled due a traitor don't co-op me as mugen maker anymore after he edit my Konlin. I will send Konlin a private file if you one of my closest friends.

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